The Company

Established in 2008, BloodBall Reptiles Ltd. is a company founded by owner-operator Dave Rushen, focused on the breeding and propagation of quality reptiles based in Southampton, UK. Striving for excellence in High End Ball Pythons, Blood Pythons and much more with a keen interest in species from South-East Asia.

The Facility

In the Summer of 2011 I set out to build the perfect environment for my animals. A building was designed from the floor up to specifically address every need and want for my work. A few features I included are as follow; fully insulated and thermostatically controlled heat in 2 rooms, a fresh water supply, as well as separate electrical circuits for lighting, ambient and rack heating in addition to multiple surface mounted power outlets that are easily extended and customised. My rooms also feature Air Conditioning and Purification. I also use multiple digital thermometers as well as CCTV surveillance and mobile temperature alerts to allow me to closely monitor my temperatures when I am away from them.